Super Clean Slimy Gel

Super Clean Slimy Gel

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This magic cleaning putty is a high viscosity which attaches to and lifts away dirt, dust and other particles from your hard to reach areas without leaving behind residue or sticking to the surface. The putty imprisons the dirt within itself and requires no washing off to re-use.  Simply press and peel the putty and it will catch the dust and debris that collects in those hard to reach areas. Works on everything, camera lenses, CD’s, monitors, iPods/iPhones, keyboards, etc.

It's great for a liquid-free and mess-free quick clean of hard to reach areas such as in and around door handles, air vents and centre consoles.

Just knead, press down, peel off and re-use up to 50 times. The putty is non-stick, has no residue and is biodegradable.

Product Description:

  • 85g
  • Removes debris from nooks & crannies
  • Can be reused over 50 times
  • Non-stick surface
  • No residue

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