1080P Full HD Car Dash Cam

1080P Full HD Car Dash Cam

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This Dashcam has created an incredible premium 1080 HD, wide-angle, lightweight, compact, high quality car video recorder with a built in memory card. With this camera, you can easily access your footage by plugging it into any computer instantly.

This Dashcam has been created to give you the highest quality recordings without any hassle. It features an ultra high quality speaker to get the most clean and crisp sound, reset key, record mode, camera mode, preview mode, file locking so that others can’t break into your camera, motion detection function, screensaver, built in memory card, and date/time settings. The best part about this Dashcam is that no batteries are required, and you’ll never have to worry about the battery running out while you’re recording. It’s time to throw away any camera you own, and say hello to this 1080 HD Dashcam!

Most cameras on the market don’t provide you with the best footage when recording, and most of the time you can’t hear the footage you record as well. With this Dashcam it is guaranteed that you will have the most crisp, and clean footage and sound, instantly!

This Dashcam was created by a team of professionals to provide you with a very powerful compact camera that can record when you’re not around in your car or if you ever experience a car accident, and want to make sure you have evidence on who is at fault. You can use it in your home as well to make sure everything in your home is secure.

Product Description:

  • 1080P HD Camera
  • Wide-Angle
  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Built In Memory Card
  • High Quality Speaker
  • AReset Key, Record Mode, File Locking, Motion Detection, Date/Time Settings

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