About Us

Decree of Man began as a hobby when three high-school friends rekindled their friendship after almost a decade. All three had walked very different paths in life with the accompanying divergence in perspectives. Bonded by friendship and a common ideology of what it means to be a son, a brother, a husband, and the all-encompassing man, Decree of Man was born.

What sets the proverbial man apart from the rest? What unspoken rules govern the realm of man-dom? How does one learn to be a man? We set out to build the definitive guide on what it means the be a man, to document the unspoken rules of our time. To learn, grow and share in the process of our self-discovery in the belief we can make the world a better place one man at a time.

Its not easy being a man. Men have ample needs and wants. We have crossed oceans and traversed the vast expanse to seek out the most reliable materials for our products, so you don't have to. We value function over form, substance over style. We built an integrated supply chain with a simplified just-in-time inventory management system, allowing us to give you what we can at sensible prices. Decree of Man is a one-stop-shop for all things that a man should have.

Our headquarters is based in Asia-Pacific.